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We are a renowned supplier of theatre and stage technology for social, cultural and multifunctional facilities. We specialise in black steel processing and with an experienced team of locksmiths and a 1500 m2 production area, we can offer the manufacture of large welded parts at short delivery times. You can find us in Újezd u Brna.

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Pepa Máca establishes in Újezd u Brna the WORKSHOPS OF MODERN STAGES PEPA MÁCA AND CO. In his own studios and carpentry workshops, he produces decorations, furnishes the stage including spotlights, curtains, horizon and all other needs for the theatre operation.


After the nationalization, the company was renamed DEREDA Praha. In the sixties, the plant was taken over by the District Industrial Enterprise Slavkov, later the Ministry of Culture established the national enterprise DIVADELNÍ SLUŽBA in Újezd with its headquarters in Prague. In the 1980s the name was changed to DIVADELNÍ TECHNIKA o.p. Praha. Throughout this time, the range of production remained without major changes.

1948 - 1990

By splitting into separate businesses in Újezd and in Prague, the company TECHNOART is created in Újezd. The post-revolutionary decline in the construction and reconstruction of theaters and other cultural facilities led to the range of production change.


TECHNOART goes into bankruptcy. It is subsequently bought out by the majority creditor ELSEREMO and the theatre division of ELSEREMO is created.


The division and separation from ELSEREMO, a.s. forms the company ELSEREMO Stage Technology.


Company ELSEREMO Stage Technology is renamed to EST Stage Technology.


Activities of company EST Stage Technology Plc. were taken over by KL Techstage.



  • With a production area of 1500 m2, we specialize in the processing of black steel. With twenty locksmiths, we can produce even large welded parts in a short time.
  • We have our own design department, according to the customer's specifications, we will also create production documentation in 3D software. We offer a qualified output inspection